We are an instagram influencers community, working together to create original contents for brands.


Our mission is to be a bridge between the brands who are interested in having a constant presence on the major social channels and brandlovers excited to actively participate in their favorite brand campaigns.

Shambles for brands

  • Our work: We develop and manage your Instagram campaign from strategy to execution.

  • Our influencers: They are the lifeblood of our community. we put you in touch with the instagram influencers suit your communication needs.

  • Our App: With our innovative mobile platform we enable our influencers to edit their photos with your logo and a original text, thus creating a true and real advertising images.

  • Our technology and reports: thanks to our technology platform we can measure the results of your campaigns and provide a detailed report of the main KPI. In addition, by subscribing to our tool, you can search for our influencers and analyze their performance on Instagram before you hire them.


To test our tools and get more information contact us info@shambles.media

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Shambles for influencers

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